Today was School Lunch Hero Day - and we celebrated with a terrific community lunch! #180DaysOfJoy
22 days ago, Chase Christensen
Help us to celebrate the successes of our athletes and teams!
22 days ago, Jennifer Betz
Athletic Banquet
ACHS art students enjoyed some success and had fun participating in activities when they attended the State Art Symposium in Casper last week. Overall there were 4,721 pieces exhibited statewide, 25% of these, 0r 1,231 entries received a state ribbon, and 34 of these received Wyoming First Lady Awards, from First Lady Gordon. AC Students exhibited 24 pieces in the show and received 6 state ribbons which was 25% of our entries, and one First Lady Award. The symposium also provides opportunities for seniors to receive scholarships even if they have not applied for one as an on the spot scholarships from college representatives at the symposium. Michelle Campos received an on the spot 1/4 tuition scholarship from Sheridan College. Ryan Alberding, received 3 state ribbons, and a First Lady Award. Ian Andreen received 2 state ribbons. Trevor Martinez received 1 state ribbon. As a First Lady Award recipient, Ryan's piece will be displayed at the governor's mansion throughout the year and he and his family are invited to attend a meet and greet barbeque at the mansion in June.
22 days ago, Jonathan Broersma
Art Winners
Don't forget about the FFA banquet and awards ceremony next week!
22 days ago, Jonathan Broersma
FFA Banquet Reminder
Sometimes - this is what great learning looks like. #180DaysOfJoy
24 days ago, Chase Christensen
Two superior ratings for this group at the Northeast District Music Performance Assessment. #180DaysOfJoy
28 days ago, Chase Christensen
NED Music
Ileigh Patterson is in the Panther Spotlight! Ileigh is self driven and willing to advocate for her learning. She has a heart of gold and cares deeply about others. She sets a great example for her peers and is a role model for the little ones that she visits in the elementary wing! When she wants to be, Leigh-Leigh is one of the most powerful kids in this school. Not only strength and conditioning-wise but leadership and presence-wise. There are so many younger kids that look up to her and she is such a great role model to them. It’s awesome to see! Miss Ileigh is such a kind hearted, young lady. I love having her come into the kindergarten room, she has formed such a special relationship with the kinders and they love seeing her. She has so much drive and passion. I cannot wait to see everything she continues to accomplish. Ileigh is so sweet and kind with the littles. They often tell me "I love that she always comes down to hug us." Their faces light up when they see her. I have so enjoyed getting to know Ileigh this year. She is a valuable asset to the Panther community. Ileigh is very kind and helpful whenever she is needed. She has a wonderful ability to connect with the younger students and they love to see her come into the classroom. Keep up the good work, Ileigh!! Ileigh's positivity and continual do better attitude makes her a great role model. Her sweet spirit is picked up on by younger students, and they gravitate towards her.
28 days ago, Chase Christensen
Ileigh Patterson
Kyah Carvalho is in the Panther Spotlight! Kyah is talented, intelligent, and can tell a story as well as anyone. Kyah is full of knowledge and a hard little worker! Her passion for dragons and reading is unmatched. She is a great addition to the 3rd-grade group and fits right into all of their shenanigans! Kyah has an enormous passion for the books she reads and is very knowledgeable when it comes to her books. She has a bubbly, outgoing personality. I enjoy seeing her smiling face in the hall and hearing her creative stories. Kyah is a great addition to the classroom and school. She is very intelligent and insightful during class discussions. She adds a new perspective to our learning environment. Keep up the good work, Kyah!! Kyah has such a bright and bubbly personality. She is not afraid to talk to anyone or afraid to lend a hand. I am so glad that she's here. I look forward to getting to know her more.
28 days ago, Chase Christensen
Kyah Carvalho
James Chapman is in the Panther Spotlight! James is creative and smart and enjoys helping his classmates share in a laugh. James has a great sense of humor and keeps you on your toes! We love his matter of fact attitude and mischievous laugh! James has a wonderfully curious mind and loves learning. James is an intelligent and witty young man. He loves to make his classmates laugh and will often crack a joke with his peers and teachers. He makes me laugh every day! I am so glad he is a Panther!
28 days ago, Chase Christensen
James Chapman
Winning entries from WY State Art are back on the wall, but for one by Ryan Alberding that was selected by First Lady Gordon to hang in the governor's residence for the year. #180DaysOfJoy
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Tylynn Smith is in the Panther Spotlight! Tylynn's conscientiousness to her grades and her learning make her successful. When working with a group, she proves to be a leader time and again. Her upbeat and positive personality energizes our day to day learning. Along with her positive attitude, Tylynn has a knack for bringing the emotions of the reading to life, and she can fully empathize with the characters in the novel. Tylynn has been an absolute machine in strength and conditioning this year. No matter the workout, or how she is feeling that day, she always come in and gets right to work. Her work level is something to be proud of as well! She is always making sure to find the benefits of physical activity. Tylynn is a hard worker in class and outside of class. She has also become a good leader for the school. Tylynn has grown so much in her years here at AC. I can always count on her can do attitude when she comes to help in the elementary. Tylynn is a pleasure to have at school. She makes each day humorous while still working hard on her academics and athletics, becoming the best she can be!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Tylynn Smith
Alex Schneck is in the Panther Spotlight! With Alex being an independent student who needs to do things his way, he thrives at Clearmont Elementary with this frame of mind. Alex has a knack for engaging toddlers and babies, and he loves to entertain when babysitting! Alex is a very punny student who loves to make everyone laugh. He looks for joy in everything he does, even if it is difficult. He has grown this year and I look forward to seeing where his growth will take him! Alex is an easygoing kid who loves to make people laugh! He is very creative and always greets you with a smile in the hall!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Alex Schneck
Kason Monroe is in the Panther Spotlight! Kason always has an experience or story about the topics and content we are covering in class. His ability to relate ideas to his real life is excellent. Being an avid hunter and fisherman, his stories engage us all. Thank you for showing up day after day to learn! Kason has become more focused on his work and is striving towards his goal. Kason is so great with the elementary students. They look forward to him coming to the elementary wing. He always meets me with a smile and will strike up a conversation. Go Kason! Kason is a respectful young man who sees the big picture and asks the hard questions. He is very competitive, yet has a knack for a well-placed joke!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Kason Monroe
A-C Elementary students were able to visit the UW Extension & Research Greenhouse today. Much was learned and the students planted seedlings that we will be able to utilize in the near future in our area! #180DaysOfJoy
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Congratulations Panthers for making the Board of Trustees 3.5 Honor Roll and the 3.0 Honor Roll for the 3rd Quarter!!!
about 1 month ago, Jolene Poppenga
A-C Panthers - Please give a warm welcome to Ms. Kiley McConell. Kiley is joining us as our 7-12 science teacher. She is currently completing student teaching in Laramie, having recently graduated from UW. Kiley is a former FFA state officer, hailing from Lander. She is excited to join our community and begin her teaching career!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Kiley McConnell
A-C Panthers - Please give a warm welcome to Ms. Kirsten Johnson. Kirsten is joining us as our K-12 music teacher. She is currently completing student teaching in Spearfish, SD, having recently graduated from BHSU. Kirsten knows small schools - she was in a graduating class of 9 at Wibaux High School in NE Montana. Kirsten is excited to join our team!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Kirsten Johnson
A-C Panthers - Please give a warm welcome to Ms. Abigail Mueller. Abby is joining us as our new agriculture teacher. She is currently teaching in Hayti, SD where she chartered an FFA program. Abigail is a former FFA state officer, from Buffalo. She is excited to join our community and continue her teaching career!
about 1 month ago, Chase Christensen
Abigail Mueller
New Opportunity!
about 1 month ago, Jonathan Broersma
Transportation Director
Huge shout out to Natalie Stoll who was voted our #SourcesOfStrength 7-12 student of the month for the month of March! Here is what our teacher who nominated Natalie had to say about her! Natalie has shown so much improvement over this entire semester. Last month I saw her really step up into a leadership role and do what was supposed to be done when all others were choosing not to. Not only was she showing integrity by doing this, but she has made more than enough effort to show all sources of strength slices at all times during the day. Her effort and work ethic in strength and conditioning is unmatched and she truly finds the benefit in my class. Natalie should be considered for student of the month because she maintains a healthy balance between and among the 8 sources of strength. Although her grades don't always reflect straight A's, she works, learns, thrives, and contributes a great deal to our music performances and to our school.
about 1 month ago, Cameron Spade