Food Services

Sheridan County School District #3 does not participate in the National School Lunch Program. SCSD #3 still promotes the health and wellbeing of students through healthy menu options in the school cafeteria. We believe there’s a connection between a healthy diet and academic achievement, so we’re happy to provide our students with balanced meals at lunchtime.

Lunchroom Guidelines

School lunch is served each day that school is in session. Free and reduced-price lunches are available to qualifying students; please complete the application during the registration process or at the bottom of this page.

We expect all students to demonstrate responsible cafeteria behavior, including being safe, respectful, and responsible.

  • Students must eat in the lunchroom unless special arrangements have been made with the staff.

  • During lunch, students should 

    • remain seated,

    • face forward at the table, 

    • keep their hands to themselves, and

    • use quiet voices.

  • An adult will dismiss students from their tables at the end of lunch (K–6).

  • Students must walk at all times while in the lunchroom.

  • Students should wait in line patiently and remember to say “please” and “thank you.”

  • Students should use good table manners and clean up any messes and spills before leaving the lunchroom.

Meet Our Staff

Greg Rohrer

Food Service Director

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Aubrey Holland

Cindy Miller

Meal Prices 

Grades K–6


Grades 7–12