Our District

Sheridan County School District #3 serves students in grades K–12 at Clearmont K–12 School. We believe that the safe, supportive, and inviting environment we provide in our school encourages students to become lifelong learners.

Our Schools

Our district and school is split into a K–6 elementary and a 7–12 secondary. Learn more about our schools by visiting the pages below.


All Sheridan County School District #3 Panthers will be proficient or above in reading and math.

Mission Statement

Foster informed, confident, responsible, and skilled lifelong learners.

Four-Day Plan

The four-day plan we follow allows our district to increase the quality of education for students by intensifying district-wide efforts on a regular basis in the areas of student achievement, attendance, curriculum development, and staff development. This plan also develops a more effective learning schedule, which we’ve designed to help alleviate disruptions in the instructional day. 

Though the typical school week is Monday through Thursday, there are certain instances when we require students to attend on Fridays. In addition, we present other programs on Fridays to assist students who have needs or interests beyond the regular classroom programs. 

Another benefit to the four-day plan is that we can use many Fridays to conduct professional development for our faculty and staff.

SCSD#3 Strategic Plan

SCSD#3 Instructional Framework