Thank you to our Clear Creek FFA for a great staff appreciation breakfast! #180DaysOfJoy
about 6 hours ago, Chase Christensen
Making it Happen
FFA Volunteers
Join a fantastic team! Apply to teach 7-12 Science at Sheridan County School District #3.
about 22 hours ago, Jolene Poppenga
Join a fantastic team! Apply to teach 7-12 Science at Sheridan County School District #3.
Our future (and some current) ag teachers, continuing to celebrate FFA Week!
1 day ago, Chase Christensen
Mr. B is in Cheyenne today, advocating for our school and students! #180DaysOfJoy
1 day ago, Chase Christensen
Today was the beginning of National FFA Week. As the one CTSO available to our students, FFA is a great source of career preparation and life skills for all students, regardless of background or future plans. #180DaysOfJoy
2 days ago, Chase Christensen
Clear Creek FFA Speech Contest
2 days ago, Jonathan Broersma
FFA Contest
Check out February's Board Presentation!
3 days ago, Jonathan Broersma
Senior night for our Panthers, thanks for your dedication over the years!
4 days ago, Chase Christensen
Lacey Olsen is in the Panther Spotlight! Lacey is a hard-working and dedicated Panther! She takes on each task with a smile and ensures that all she does is done well. She steps in to help out wherever needed - even when she is hobbling around on crutches! Lacey is a positive force in our office, she is quietly confident and we appreciate all that she does to make A-C great.
5 days ago, Chase Christensen
Lacey Olsen
Trevor Martinez is in the Panther Spotlight! Trevor is one of a kind. He is a kind soul with a great sense of humor. He would do anything to help you out whenever it is needed. He is very athletic and a true Panther!!! Trevor genuinely cares about all others and helping them to succeed as well. We will miss his great attitude and contagious smile next year!! Keep up the good work, Trevor!!!! Trevor is an important part of our school. He is friendly with adults and peers; always says hi and is helpful whenever he sees the need. It will be fun to see where his future takes him. Good job Trevor! Tmac has really found his true form out here as a role for the entire school. There is so many kids out here who look up to him and he has set such a good example for all of them as the subtle but very effective leader. Thanks for all you do, Trev! Trevor has the ability to make his fellow classmates feel like a million bucks. His social skills in changing the environment from a negative to a positive and engaging his classmates is impeccable. Also, I hear him daily treat his family members with the utmost respect! Not only all this, he has a great music library and can pull any song/any genre out of his head at any given time.
5 days ago, Chase Christensen
Trevor Martinez
June Betz is in the Panther Spotlight! Miss June Betz is a firecracker! She is unapologetically herself, I love her spunk and her style. I look forward to seeing her smiling face every morning. June is an independent thinker who feels deeply and asks questions to clarify information for her understanding. June has great ideas and is always willing to share them with others. She makes learning fun and loves to help. Good job June! June marches to the beat of her own drum, her confidence and spunk is contagious! Junie B. has a kind, giving heart. She has matured so much this year! Her language comprehension is unmatched in our class. I can always count on her excellent vocabulary and descriptive words to enhance our learning. I am so proud of you, June!
5 days ago, Chase Christensen
June Betz
Trig Hackett is in the Panther Spotlight! Trig is quite the character!! He is a fun classmate and cares about others at all times. He provides a different aspect on most topics and contributes to all classroom discussions in one way or another. His quick wit and charm is contagious. Keep up the good work, Trig!!! Trig is a caring and talented student able and willing to lend a helping hand to others. Trig is a leader in his class and participates with great ideas. He helps others without hesitation and is friendly to everyone. Good job Trig! Trig is a hard-working 4th grader. He has grown so much in the time I have gotten the chance to work with him. Keep up the great work Trig!
5 days ago, Chase Christensen
Trig Hackett
Recognizing our 8th-grade players and their parents at the Kaycee game this afternoon! #180DaysOfJoy
5 days ago, Chase Christensen
Isaac Andreen
Jonah Ambler
Lots of different things going on when our 7-12 kids come down to support the K-6 program. From silent card games to playing with dinosaurs, our kids do great things together! #180DaysOfJoy
5 days ago, Cameron Spade
Congratulations to our spirit week award winners! In our K-6 wing, it was the kindergarteners with 100% participation all week that took home the spirit stick. Up in the 7-12 wing, the seniors stepped up nearly 100% participation for the week to take home their spirit stick.
5 days ago, Cameron Spade
Join a fantastic team! Apply to teach K-12 Music at Sheridan County School District #3.
6 days ago, Jolene Poppenga
Music Teacher Posting
Notice of February Special Board Meeting • Friday, February 23, 2024
6 days ago, Jonathan Broersma
Clear Creek Revival playing for Valentine’s Day! #180DaysOfJoy
7 days ago, Chase Christensen
Lots of shake up in our #SourcesOfStrength Dodgeball standings yesterday! Little Tessa and the Blowfish snag their first 3 points of the tournament thanks to a strong performance from Wyatt Holland, and despite a lengthy last man standing stay from Trevor Martinez, Rodzilla pull out the win against Tmac's Big Macs to grab a firm hold on solo 1st place.
7 days ago, Cameron Spade
Code of the West and writing in PE this morning. Great things at A-C. #180DaysOfJoy
7 days ago, Chase Christensen
Code of the West
K/1 Writing