Board of Trustees

Karis Prusak


Sam Olsen


Deborah Guyer


Kelly Little


Trinity Lewis


Chase Christensen


Jolene Poppenga

Administrative Assistant

Scott Kolpitcke

Board Attorney

The Sheridan County School District #3 Governing Board consists of elected members of our community who work together to help us provide our students with the best education possible. They meet regularly to make decisions about everything from budget allocation to staffing. They also set goals for the district and help ensure we are taking the measures necessary to meet them.

Board Meetings

Sheridan County School District #3 Strategic Plan


Wyoming School Boards Association Board of Trustees Awards

Congratulations to the Sheridan County School District #3 Board of Trustees for the awards they received during the Wyoming School Boards Association (WSBA) annual conference. Award winners include:

  • Leadership in Learning - Level I

    • Amy Vineyard

  • Award of Distinction - Level II

    • Amy Vineyard

    • Kris Malli

  • 2018, 2017, 2016 Standard of Excellence Award

  • 2018 Certification of Recognition Award

  • WSBA Hall of Fame

    • Barbara Carlock

    • Tom Gorzalka