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Sheridan County School District #3
Empowering students to succeed as life long learners through diverse and individual educational opportunities.

Registration and Immunizations

Thank you for choosing Sheridan County School District #3! You’ll find the information you need to complete your child’s registration on this page. 

Registration Requirements

To register your child at one of our schools, please contact our district office. We will help you with the required paperwork and answer all of your questions.

Immunization Requirements

According to the Wyoming Department of Health, all parents and guardians of students attending full or part time school, kindergarten through twelfth grade, must provide the school office with documented proof of their child’s immunization within 30 calendar days. Please refer to the following to ensure your child’s immunizations are up to date. 

Sheridan County
School District #3
1600 Meade Ave., Clearmont, WY 82835
(307) 758-4412    Fax: (307) 758-4444