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Sheridan County School District #3
Empowering students to succeed as life long learners through diverse and individual educational opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions on this page, so you’ll find the information you need as easily as possible. Still, we know that nothing can replace speaking with someone in person. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Why does Sheridan County School District #3 only hold classes four days per week?

We believe the four-day plan provides a vehicle for our district to increase the quality of education for students by intensifying district-wide efforts on a regular basis in the areas of student achievement, attendance, curriculum development, and staff development. This plan also develops a more effective learning schedule designed to help alleviate disruptions in the instructional day. Learn more about our four-day plan by visiting Our District information page..

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What if my child has to miss school or leave early?

To excuse an absence, the student’s parent or legal guardian must contact the school each day the student is absent to explain the situation. If this is not possible, the student must provide a written statement from the parent or guardian giving an explanation for the absence upon his or her return to school. Failure to communicate with the school either during the absence or within two school days after the student returns may result in an unexcused absence. For excused absences, teachers will give the student the opportunity to make up any missed work; however, unexcused absences will result in a “0” for all class work for that day. We permit a maximum of seven absences from any class, including suspension, during a semester. Both excused and unexcused absences count toward the maximum days.

A student wishing to be excused from school before the end of the day or who is going to be absent for a portion of the day must ask a parent or guardian to write and sign a note that states the date, time, and reason for the release and present it to the front office. Otherwise, a parental contact must visit the office before we can grant the student permission to leave. Parents may sign students out in the office when picking them up. Students may not sign out of school without a parent’s permission. 

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Does the district provide lunch during the school day?

Yes. Sheridan County School District #3 is happy to provide a healthy lunch every day that school is in session. Students can purchase lunch tickets ahead of time or in the cafeteria at lunch time. Free and reduced-cost meals are available to students who qualify. Please visit our Food Services page for more information. 

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Is transportation available to and from school?

Yes. We provide safe bus transport to qualifying students to and from school. Students should remember that riding the bus is a privilege; we can only permit students who follow the bus rules to take advantage of this service. Please visit our Transportation page for bus rules, routes, and schedules.

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What if my child needs to take medication during school hours?

Parents must fill out a medication release form before our staff can administer any type of medication, prescription or over-the-counter, at school. You can pick up the form at any of our school offices. It is helpful if parents explain the medical conditions the medication is treating. Parents must provide medicines in the original container marked with the prescribing physician's name (if applicable), the student's name, the name of the medication, the times to be given, and the dosage. Please send only the amount the child will need at school, and leave the remainder at home. For the safety of our students, we keep all medications in the nurse’s office. If a student must take medication at school, he or she is responsible for coming to the nurse’s office at the designated medication time. 

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As a student at Sheridan County School District #3, will my student have access to the latest technology in the classroom?

Yes! Our students have the opportunity to use several high-tech, educational tools. From SmartBoards to iPads and laptops, our students will graduate with pertinent knowledge for this digital age. We don’t just use technology for technology’s sake, though; we understand that technology is a tool, and nothing can take the place of a highly-qualified teacher in the classroom. Our staff also monitors student Internet use closely, so you can rest assured that they will learn how to stay safe online while they’re on campus. We encourage parents and guardians to reinforce Internet safety rules at home as well. Visit our Technology page to learn more.

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Is there a dress code at Sheridan County School District #3?

We believe apparel should not interfere with the educational process. For this reason, we enforce a dress code at all of our schools. Our staff will ask students who violate the dress code to change apparel at school or go home to change if necessary. Students must follow these rules concerning appropriate dress and grooming:

  • We require students to wear clothing the way it was designed to be worn. 
  • We do not permit students to wear the following:    
    • Cut-offs: shorts or shirts without hems
    • Midriffs: clothing that allows exposure of the mid-section  
    • See-through clothing that shows undergarments 
    • Shirts showing bare shoulders (minimum strap width of three inches). Examples include but are not limited to tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, and spaghetti straps. 
    • Shirts with low cut fronts and/or backs 
    • Spandex clothing   
    • Pajamas and bedroom slippers

  • No visible undergarments.
  • No clothing with obscene or violent statements, designs, double messages, or advertisements for drugs/alcohol or tobacco.
  • No short-shorts or miniskirts. Dresses, skirts, and shorts must extend past the fingertips with hands extended, arms at the sides, and shoulders in a normal position.
  • Students may not wear hats and caps in the building during normal school hours. 
  • We require hair and facial hair to be neat, clean, and well-groomed. 
  • Students must wear shoes, boots, and other appropriate footwear at all times while on school grounds. Students may not wear rubber beachwear or flip-flops. We do allow dress sandals with a hard sole and/or a strap.
  • Students must maintain cleanliness of body and clothing. 
  • We do not permit students to wear clothing or hair in such a style or manner that could be hazardous to them in their various school activities such as shop, laboratories, athletics, physical education, art, etc.
  • We require students to wear clothing in good repair.

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Can my high school student drive to and from school?

Yes, and student parking is available. However, students may not drive any time during school hours including class breaks and lunch periods. Also, students may not sit in their vehicles during the lunch period.

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How can I get involved?

We believe that parent involvement is an extremely important part of your child’s success here at Sheridan County School District #3. We encourage parents and guardians to get involved in the following ways throughout the school year:

  • Meet the Teachers Night. At the beginning of the school year, we hold an open house for families and students. This is an excellent opportunity to meet school staff members and tour the facilities as well as learn about class and building goals, academic programs, classroom organization, and classroom management.  
  • Parent/Advisory Council. The district strongly encourages parents to get involved in their child’s educational environment.  
  • Parent Volunteers. Parents can volunteer in a variety of ways. Parent participation supports student success. Ask a teacher or the principal what the needs of your child's classroom or school are and become involved! 
  • Join a Committee. We invite parents to participate in the district calendar committee and/or the Advanced Ed process. Contact your child’s school for information about these committees.  

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