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Sheridan County School District #3
Empowering students to succeed as life long learners through diverse and individual educational opportunities.
Students and military members

Arvada and Clearmont Elementary Schools

Our district serves kindergarten through sixth grade students at two schools, Arvada Elementary and Clearmont Elementary, where they experience engaging, active, and high-tech learning. 

At Arvada and Clearmont Elementary Schools, we believe in educating the whole child. In addition to our high academic expectations, we offer plenty of extracurricular activities to help students discover their talents and apply what they’re learning outside the classroom walls.  

High-Tech Learning

Step into any of our classrooms, and you will observe students:

  • Using iPads to improve reading fluency
  • Researching and writing on laptops
  • Explaining math problems at the SmartBoard
  • Taking virtual field trips to distant museums

Leaps in Literacy

Our elementary school students have made great strides in the area of literacy. We believe that a combination of data analysis, collaboration, clear goal setting, and our students’ hard work have led to this success. Way to go, Panthers!

Sheridan County
School District #3
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