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Sheridan County School District #3
Empowering students to succeed as life long learners through diverse and individual educational opportunities.

Sheridan County District #3 Curriculum

Sheridan 3 strives to develop and maintain a core curriculum that guarantees each of its students will have an equal opportunity to learn and the necessary time to learn it. To this end, all teachers K-12 have received training in quality assessment practices through Marzano Research consultants provided by the Wyoming Department of Education. The district is currently in its seventh year of developing curriculum and assessments around selected priority standards, standards that align with the State of Wyoming Content and Performance Standards.


Chase Christensen
SCSD #3 Superintendent
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Alicia Auzqui
K–6 Curriculum Coordinator
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Carol Perry
7–12 Curriculum Coordinator
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Curriculum Implementation Plan

Sheridan 3 maintains a curriculum implementation plan that shows our progress towards achieving a standards based curriculum. This plan is a summary only. For more detailed information please see the contact list for our curriculum department.

Sheridan County District #3 Grading Philosophy

We believe that grading is to be an intentional way for teachers to track their students’ progress and achievements. Sheridan 3 employs standards based grading practices across all grade levels K-12. K-6 has only a standards based report card and 7-12 has a report card that is a combination of the traditional letter grades and a standards based report card. For more information on the specifics of this process at Sheridan 3, please see our Standards Referenced Grading Handbook flyer. 

Sheridan County
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